The Queen’s Promenade Bandstand, Surbiton


The Queen’s Promenade Bandstand, Surbiton, and a glimpse of the local musical band movement, 1893-1910.

The site of the bandstand that was once on Queen’s Promenade, Surbiton, has been identified.  Installed in 1893, it was the gift of Rufus Martin Boniwell, a Surbiton auctioneer and estate agent.  Band concerts were funded out of the rates by the Corporation of Kingston upon Thames and for many years Magnus George Moatt, Mayor of Kingston, 1899-1900, was responsible for the management in the summer months of band performances on Queen’s Promenade.  The research provided a glimpse of the local musical band movement, 1893-1910, and the need for more work in this area was identified.

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