Kingston Hill Place is a grand mansion, built in 1828 by Samuel Baxter of Regent Street, that is the centrepiece of a gated housing estate on Kingston Hill, KT2 7QY. Its first occupant was Robert Lawes Esquire. Thereafter a number of interesting people lived there, including Viscount Pollington and Bonar Law MP. was occupied by a number of interesting people before it became a convalescent home for members of the women’s services during WW2 and thereafter was a campus of Kingston Polytechnic until about 1991. An enigmatic granite obelisk in the grounds possibly may have been a silent memorial to one or more of the deceased members of the family of the first occupant, Robert Lawes Esquire. Research on a local tradition that the estate was used by the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, for trysts with Lillie Langtry indicted that, if they did take place, they would have occurred between 1874-1879 during the tenancy of Robert Leonard Trollope, a rich, and probably well-connected property developer.

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David A. Kennedy, PhD

About 20 years ago, I accompanied my late wife to some talks on the use of computers in historical research and began to help her with her genealogical studies. Later, I took part in a project, organised by the Centre for Local History Studies at Kingston University, to digitise the Enumerators’ Books for the Kingston Census of 1851-1891. This rekindled my interest in history, especially that of Kingston upon Thames, where I live. This website has been set up so that I can share my research findings, some based on digitised material, with others who may be interested in them.

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