Tim Everson, 2017, Surbiton Through Time, Stroud, Amberley
Publishing, ISBN 978-1-4456-6838-3, illustrated, total of 96 pages.
Local historian Tim Everson’s collation of old and new photographs with informative captions provides a wide ranging and interesting account of Surbiton’s past.

Michael Davison, 2017, Royal Kingston and the Dukes of Cambridge,
Kingston, Friends of Kingston Museum & Heritage Service, ISBN 978-1-
902959-52-8, illustrated, total of 17 pages.
This illustrated brief historical account, based on original research by local historian June Sampson, written by local resident Michael Davison, is an interesting acknowledgement of the Royal Borough’s debt to the Dukes of Cambridge, the current Prince William’s distinguished ancestors.

John King, 2017, The Railways of Kingston upon Thames, Kingston,
Friends of Kingston Museum & Heritage Service, ISBN 978-1-9029059-
15-1, illustrated, total of 22 pages.
This illustrated brief history written by John King, former Senior Deputy Head of Tiffin School, provides an interesting account of the development of the railway systems and stations of the Kingston upon Thames area.

Julian McCarthy, 2017, Kingston upon Thames in 50 buildings, Stroud,
Amberley Publishing, 978-1-4456-5648-9, illustrated, total of 97 pages.
Julian McCarthy, a Kingston upon Thames Tour Guide and local historian, provides an illustrated account of Kingston’s architectural heritage with an informative chronological tour of the Royal Borough’s historic and modern buildings.

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